things to do in Edinburgh in 3 days

I am the same like other people who live in beautiful, big cities – I don’t visit it’s attractions too often as  I know I can leave it for another day.   I prefer to travel instead.

However when  a friend of mine, Monika,  came over from  Poland last week I managed to do a lot in a short time.   That’s of course just one idea about things to do in Edinburgh in 3 days;   there is much more to cover and hopefully I will do it over next weeks.


Sandeman’s Free Walking Tour

free walk tour in edinburgh

tour guide in edinburgh telling stories

It’s 3,5 hour walk with a guide;    good thing for people who are travelling alone and want to make friends, or people who don’t have any plan or knowledge about Scotland.   I learned a few new things myself;   but I had a problem with concentrating on what our fast-speaking American guide says so after a while i just wanted to leave.  Note that I heard positive opinion about this guide from my American couchsurfer so I guess if you are a native speaker you might enjoy it.  I will give it another try in the future with a different guide.

free tour visiting edinburgh's cementery

Free tour is for free but tips welcome.  It  starts everyday at 11am or 1 pm, meeting point is at Tron Kirk.

Time for food; if you want something cheap go to Greggs for big selection of pastries, sandwiches and pies. They are almost on every corner.

Macaroni Pie

scotch pie from greggs

And dinner at home:  Pimm’s and haggis.   I buy good haggis from Crombie’s at Broughton St and cook it myself.  Delicious.

haggis, traditional scottish dish

But if you are not brave enough for haggis you can stick with pork; this one is somewhere at Victoria St.

piece of pork


Climb up Arthur’s Seat

You can start with visiting surroundings of Holyrood Palace and Parliament,  and Arthur Seat is not much far;

views of Arthur's Seat in Edinburgh

climbers on Arthur Seat

It’s tough but gives you satisfaction.

if dogs can do it why we can’t?

taking photos on Arthur Seat

Parliament:  there is World Press Photo Exhibition right now,  until 28th July;

outside Scottish Parliament

exhibition at scottish Parliament

You can take a walk up the Royal Mile from Parliament straight to the Castle.  There are plenty of shops with cheap or expensive souvenirs on the way.  On the left side you will find an awesome place called Museum of Childhood.  It’s free and I strongly recommend to go inside.

Today for lunch is jacked potato.  You can have different fillings, Monika chose cheese&egg and didn’t feel well for the rest of the day.  That was my first baked potato by the way;

jacket potato in Edinburgh

We were looking for a nice pub, this one was cute but didn’t offer too much space;

the smallest pub in Edinburgh

So we went to Hebrides.  If you are curious about tasting ales I would say, ask for a small sample first, because it’s not for everyone.

having a pint in Edinburgh


Visit Portobello.   Not far from the city center,  buses 49 or 25 take you almost straight onto the beach.

Portobello beach in Edinburgh

girl having fun on Portobello beach

Portobello beach for children

ice cream lorry in portobello

For seaside lovers : Portobello is not the cleaniest place so choose North Berwick instead; it’s just outside Edinburgh,  and has boat trip on offer;   you can take a train straight from Waverley ( Ł6.50 off peak return ).


what to do in Portobello

More about North Berwick in my next post.

Enjoy the summer:)


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