Fringe Festival

I’ve been always a big fan of Edinburgh’s most famous festival.   I heard about Scottish festival  when i was in the high school and it was always my motivation to move in to Edinburgh.  I even rejected a job offer in New Zealand  and a plan to travel around the world with a friend because i wanted to spent an August in the city.

Some of the street performers are doing tricks i’ve seen them doing 4 years ago but i can always find something new, fun and inspirational.  I proudly introduced my daughter to her first Fringe.

Just remember that Edinburgh is much more expensive in August, that includes flights, accomodation, restaurants. And public transport in very slow…Crowds are annoying when you are trying to get somewhere, especially with a buggy. This is why locals don’t like Fringe so much as people visiting Edinburgh.

But anyway,  it’s worth seeing!  If  you have any tips for visitors share them with us.

edinburgh fringe festival photographer

edinburgh fringe festival

performers on High Street during Fringe

musicians on the streets of Edinburgh

performers on Fringe Festival dancing samba

Edinburgh Festival with kids

parade on Fringe Festival Edinburgh

edinburgh fringe festival photographer

edinburgh in August

events during Fringe Festival

sunset in Edinburgh